Snatch Magazine: A Love Letter to the Iron Game Vol 2 (Digital Download)

Snatch Magazine: A Love Letter to the Iron Game Vol 2 (Digital Download)


Snatch Magazine is an independently published zine by and for women in weightlifting and strength sports. A Love Letter to the Iron Game is the annual submissions-based Valentine's Day issue where women's relationships with themselves are highlighted through their experiences with the barbell. This issue includes a curated selection of powerful competition photographs, An Ode to Social Media, tongue-in-cheek training-related horoscopes, and honest essays from women who commit to this sport.

The dream for this magazine is to be a tangible keepsake to remind us and our posterity of the beauty of this sport. Snatch Magazine celebrates the women of strength sports, who are still largely an audience that gets brushed under the rug. This magazine exists as a way to take the roller coaster of feelings that strength provides and take it out of the gym and off the internet into something you can hold and share. Share with your training partners and coaches, leave on the coffee table for your daughters and friends to find. The magic of this magazine happens in its exchange of hands. Thank you always for your support, I hope you love it.

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