Snatch Magazine No. 1 (Digital Download)

Snatch Magazine No. 1 (Digital Download)

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Snatch Magazine No. 1 is about women in weightlifting! 

The original Snatch Magazine optimized for digital reading. Epub file format.

30 pages featuring original artwork, writing, and collage, as well as submissions from other women weightlifters, now in color with an added letter from the editor.


"I am kinda obsessed with #snatchzine and want to be best friends with everyone who made it. It's full of inspiring, thoughtful reflections on what it's like to be a woman who lifts, and the reactions you sometimes get from strangers and society for choosing that sport. I may or may not have cried a couple times while reading it. So, so dope. #teambulky" 

"Well well well looka what we got here. It's a zine called #snatchzine with handwritten love letters to the Iron Game, some poetry, and the best centerfold spread I have ever seen"
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